Bionano Analysis Solutions

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Bionano Analysis Solutions

Bionano Access ™ is a web based center for Saphyr processes which provide all softwares you need for experiment management and Bionano genome mapping. Bianano Analysis solutions are real-time to mark potential sample quality problems early and runs and monitors data quality measurements remotely.

  -Automatically start de novo assembly and structural variation analysis when the desired data is collected

- Visualization and modification of mapping and structural variables

- Trios analysis by filtering rare variants to identify inherited and de novo variants and export in a dbVar-compatible VCF file

  • Yaklaşık 28 saat içinde bir insan genomunun de novo assembly'sini gerçekleştirin
  • Basit web tabanlı arayüz, neredeyse her ağ kurulumuna entegrasyon sağlar
  • Bulut tabanlı çözümler mevcut

Bionano Analysis Solutions

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